UMS Japan

    UMS Japan is located in Akasaka. Our professional team provides a wide range of commercial services in a quick and pragmatic way to solve our customers’ requests at their maximum satisfaction and benefit.

    Our Portfolio

    Umicore Portfolio:

    • Cobalt & Specialty Materials means sales of cobalt powder and cobalt metal, cobalt refining business support and cobalt materials sourcing

    • Precious Metals Recycling of 20 precious and non-ferrous metals from industrial residues, used electronic scraps, spent automotive and industrial catalysts as well as fuel cells. Besides precious metals scrap, UMS Japan is active in battery recycling for lithium ion battery or Nickel Metal Hydride batteries. UMS Japan offers various services in both portable and automotive (EV, HEV) field

    • Electro-Optic Materials for optics, high-purity chemicals and substrates on Germanium basis

    • Platinum Engineered Materials serving the chemical industry for ammonia oxidation and the glass industry for making high-purity glasses

    • Thin Film Products involving electronics, optics and display applications

    • Precious Metals including refining (Pt, Pd, Au, Ag, Rh, Ru) into the jewellery and industrial sectors

    Third Party Portfolio:

    • Contact Materials focusing on products like hermetic sealing materials/amalgam spheres widely applied to the compact fluorescent lamp industry

    • Brazing Materials used to manufacture a wide range of products from simple everyday objects to high-grade tools and bulk industrial products

    • Technical Ceramics (agent of Friatec) for the laboratory, aeronautic, automotive and other industries

    • Zinc Chemicals (Zinc Oxide, Zinc Metal Powder from EverZinc – official & exclusive Agents) for surface coating, agriculture, rubber and paint industries

    • MICA based products for thermal and electrical insulating in Europe and Asia

    • Mineral insulated Cables for temperature measurement devices


    Umicore representations
    Third party representations


    12-32, Akasaka 1-chome
    Ark Mori Building 26F
    1076026 Minato-ku, Tokyo

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    T+81 36 68 53 106

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