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UMS Hongkong

Umicore Marketing Services (Hongkong) Limited’s main activity is import and export of metals and related products, as well as agency services and precious metals transactions.

UMS Hongkong also assists in investment, acquisition and financing projects for both Umicore group entities and third parties.

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Our Portfolio

Umicore Portfolio:

  • Cobalt & Specialty Materials means sales of cobalt powder and cobalt metal, cobalt refining business support and cobalt materials sourcing, including support of Greater China in cobalt smelting processes

  • Rechargeable Battery Materials mainly involving rechargeable battery materials in portable electronics, power tools, (H)EV and electric storage, including support of Greater China for ternary lithium battery material production

  • Thin Film Products in form of ITO target materials on sales and marketing, mainly focused on the display, on the application of thin-film solar glass and curtain wall, including recycling of ITO targets

  • Electroplating Products mainly in form of precious metals electrolytes for functional and decorative plating as well as targeting niche applications in the electronics and chemical industry, including sales products in the automotive industry, connectors, printed circuit board industry, decorative industry applications

  • Precious Metals Recycling of 20 precious and non-ferrous metals from industrial residues, used electronic scraps, spent automotive and industrial catalysts as well as fuel cells

Third Party Portfolio:

  • Brazing Materials used to manufacture a wide range of products from simple everyday objects to high-grade tools and bulk industrial products, including sales of silver brazing alloys, fluxes and pastes to optical, tooling and saw blade industry applications

  • Commercial Services such as assisting enterprises with investment or acquisition projects

  • Trading

  • Local Marketing


UMS Hongkong

Concordia Plaza, No. 1 Science Musemum Road

+852 2700 2000

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