UMS France

Proximity in France for 8 different customer segments

Since its beginnings as a distribution office in Paris in 1968, Umicore Marketing Services France has extended its presence and today’s experienced multi-function sales and advisory team offers over the entire French territory.

UMS France is based rue Réaumur in the jeweler’s quarter of downtown Paris, serving one of its core businesses locally while coordinating representations throughout all French regions.

Our Portfolio

Umicore Portfolio:

  • Precious Metals including refining (Pt, Pd, Au, Ag, Rh, Ru) for jewellery, decoration (fine grain, electroplating, semi-finished products), investment (bars), industry (electro-technical and nuclear applications)

  • Collection & Refining Solutions for precious metal bearing scraps from industrial by-products & recyclables (electronic scraps, spent auto catalysts)

  • Platinum Labware (Oegussa) including crucibles, dishes and thermocouple wires for chemical analysis in manufacturing and research laboratories

  • Cobalt and Nickel Powders for the diamond tool and hard metal industries

  • Copper and Nickel Metals and Salts for plating applications

  • Electrolyte Baths for electroplating applications

Third Party Portfolio:

  • Brazing Alloys, Fluxes (BrazeTec) and Contact Materials for the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC), power and tooling industries

  • Technical Ceramics (in particular representing the Kyocera™ brand) for applications in laboratory, high-temperature, high-friction and vacuum environments

  • MACOR (machinable glass ceramics) for aerospace, medical, vacuum and high-temperature applications

  • Mullit (technical ceramices) for high-temperature applications

  • Fine Zirconium Substrates & Ceramic Filters for automotive, electronics, fuel cells and water treatment applications


UMS France

Rue Réaumur 9
75003 Paris

+33 (0)1 85 78 37 99

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