UMS UK - Modern Slavery Statement

Introduction from the Managing Director 

Umicore has long been committed to upholding the rights of all people acting within its supply chain. As an organisation we publish our core values, known as The Umicore Way, and all Umicore personnel commit to upholding these values. The Umicore Way expresses this as: 

We uphold fundamental human rights and respect those rights in conducting our operations throughout the world. We engage with the communities around our operations and communicate transparently with our stakeholders Company Structure and Supply Chain 

Umicore Marketing Services UK Ltd’s ultimate parent company is Umicore SA. We operate from three sites in the United Kingdom (Hertford and Birmingham) and sell precious metals, technical ceramics and brazing products into UK and Irish market. These products are mainly sourced from Umicore group and associated companies. 

Umicore requires certain metals or metal-containing raw materials to manufacture its products and feed its recycling activities. Some of these raw materials are comparatively scarce and require very specific sourcing strategies. Obtaining adequate supplies of these materials is important for the ongoing success and growth of our business. Some metals are also found in regions facing social challenges.  Trading in precious metals and minerals can be used to finance armed conflict, cause human rights abuses, draw upon forced or child labour and support corruption and money laundering.  We ensure the procurement of ‘conflict minerals’ is in line with Umicore’s values, while providing an advantage to our customers.  

Company Policies 

Umicore has implemented policies and measures covering human rights, the right for workers to organise and collective bargaining, equal opportunities and non-discrimination, banning of child labour, banning of forced labour, consistent with International Labour Organisation (ILO) standards. These commitments are supported through a Global Framework Agreement on Sustainable Development with IndustriALL Global Union. Umicore also has a specific policy for “Responsible global supply chain of minerals from conflict-affected and high-risk areas”.  

Umicore’s Code of Conduct expressly sets out how we expect all our employees to act.  It incorporates whistle blowing procedures (Integrity Hotline)  and supports our commitment to equal opportunites and diversity. All employees are required to comply with the Code of Conduct and The Umicore Way and electronic copies are available to all employees. 

In addition to existing policies and charters such as the Umicore Code of Conduct, Human Rights Policy and Sustainable Procurement Charter, Umicore publicly adheres to the OECD “Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains from Conflict-Affected and High- Risk Areas’ which provides guidance for use by any company potentially sourcing minerals or metals from conflict-affected and high-risk areas. The OECD Guidance is global in scope, and applies to all mineral supply chains.  Umicore is also certified under the conflict-free smelter initative of the London Bullion Market Assciation and by the Responsible Jewellery Council’s Chain of Custody programme. 

Risk Assessment and Management 

Umicore adopted the COSO framework for its Enterprise Risk Management and has adapted its various controls constituents within its organisation and processes. “The Umicore Way” and the “Code of Conduct” are the cornerstones of the Internal Control environment; together with the concept of management by objectives and through the setting of clear roles and responsibilities they establish the operating framework for the company. 

Action to Address Modern Slavery 

We engage the services of UK suppliers to support our activities and we encourage long term mutually sustainable relationships with these suppliers. Umicore is committed to industry-wide intiatives such as the Cobalt Industry Risk Assessment framework within the Cobalt institute and has contributed to establishing the World Economic Forum’s Global Battery Alliance. 

For suppliers who have not published a Modern Slavery statement on their website, we are questionning their processes and policies as Umicore is committed to ensuring that our supply chain is free from slavery in any form. 

Steve Roles

Managing Director, Umicore Marketing Services UK Ltd